Thursday, October 27, 2005

Sample Admission Essay - Nursing

Every human being needs to experience love and care. Without giving or receiving affection, a person is not complete. What is a human being without a companion? The love and concern shared, then, is what gives happiness and profound meaning to life. Moreover, love and care gives a human person an unseen force to live life. Because a person loves and receives love in return, he is inspired to carry on with his life regardless of the circumstances that surround him. Love always makes a difference in the life of every individual.

Three years ago, my mom was diagnosed of multiple myeloma. It was a rare form of cancer that afflicted mostly men, yet my mom's case was an exception. It was a cancer of the plasma cells whose immediate effect was bone destruction and paralysis. It was painful just like the other forms of cancer and I was there to see it. I took care of my mom most of the time since the rest of our family were occupied with other responsibilities.
I accompanied her during her regular check ups and chemotherapy and radiation sessions at the hospital. I also gave and injected some of her medicines. My mom did everything to fight against her disease. I along our family, relatives, and friends were there to suport and accompany her in the battle.

More than a year ago, my mom passed away. I would have wanted her to live longer, but sometimes there are certain things in life which I know I cannot control and change. But it was easier for me to accept such reality because I and the rest of our family loved her very much. I believe, my mom also felt the same way as I do. Battling with cancer was a painful experience for her in all aspects aside from the physical. Yet she was happy and she was determined to face her ailing health. Our family's love and care became her source of strength and hope to live.

Each day, the number of people afflicted with diseases continues to increase. While others are fortunate to find cure for their illnesses, there are others who are afflicted with incurable diseases. Although they will to survive and there are treatment options available, their life is still at stake. Suffering from a disease always changes a person. Sometimes an illness can make a person strong. Yet there are also times when a disease especially a life threatening one robs a person his only hope and reason to survive. How will he stand for his life when he knows he can lose it anytime?

People always undergo or experience the same effects of diseases especially in the moral, emotional, and spiritual aspect although in different levels depending on the illness. Yet the difference lies on their perspective regarding their situation. That is why the sick need to be supported in order to see life in a more positive sense. This reality serves as my inspiration in becoming a nurse someday.

I aspire for the profession not only because of my capability to cope with the academic standard and the job itself, but also because I want to make a mark in that profession. Aside from adequately giving services that patients need, I also want help them enjoy life inspite of their circumstances. The science of medicine has dramatically evolved through the years. New and wonder medicines are continuously discovered and studied. Still, being a human being is an advantage over science. If medicine can assure health and survival, a human person can uplift the life quality of patients. In fact, many patients have survived and have been cured not only because of medicine but also because of experiencing full support from the people who surround them.

For these reasons, I ask for admission in your institution to study nursing. I hope I will not only be able to fulfill the academic requirements, but also to contribute something to your institution. I believe in the power of medical science but I also believe in the force of human charity.

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