Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Sample Admission Essay - Masters in Psychology

Man’s behavior is a paradigm of complexity governed by the natural forces. Although its understanding seems to be a tough task, man constantly allows himself to be conveyed in the conventional methods. Such realities are not strange to me and proved to be the driving force behind my aspirations. It started as a riveting concept that transcended my thoughts and feelings. Given the intricacies of man’s behavior, I have assumed several beliefs resulting to my own perceptions. My constant yearning for knowledge has allowed me to focus on the things that I do. For me, success is a matter of fully embracing a concept, making it a catalyst to change the society for the better.

To fulfill my dreams, I enrolled at Ball University and took up Psychology. It was a fitting program for me since I am trying to study the behavior of man. As a student, I earned a distinction as the next big thing in the field of Psychology. In my tenure, I have posted outstanding mark and my papers were regarded as excellent. The thesis that I have made was adjudged as number one besting 50 other entries coming from different schools in Indiana. Aside from these, I am the President of a school organization, which aims to provide free psychological consultations to poor families. In addition, I have constantly represented the school in several meetings and conventions where psychology serves as the main theme. Overall, my college career was decorated with personal achievements and a dedication to serve the people.

After my years in college has expired, I joined a consulting firm downtown Indianapolis. Primarily, my task was to talk with clients and help lawyers make strategies. Since the psychological aspect is an important part, I was made to ensure that the clients and witnesses are stable in mind. Also, I was tasked to study the behavior of opposing witnesses and find out if there are inconsistencies in what they say. During my free time, I devote myself to providing free consultations and advice to some financially incapable clients. It may not be financially rewarding, but the things that I share give me different kinds of happiness. Indeed, my behavior has shifted from a success-conscious guy to a socially-oriented person. The wonders of Psychology have penetrated my system.

One of my main goals is to establish a consulting clinic where I will charge only those who can pay. However, I have recognized the fact that there's still a lot of things to be done. Part of my priorities is to seek higher education in the field of Psychology. Given the choices of schools, I intend to make a sincere application at your university, Valparaiso University. Your school has an extensive Post Graduate Psychology Program, which is what I really needed. The opportunity that you'll give to me comes only once in a lifetime and I will grab it as soon as it is given to me. My ambition to take further studies shows the dedication I put in my craft. Furthermore, I always bring out the best in me and I take every situation seriously. Hence, I am poised at realizing my dreams and making a difference in the society that I belong.

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