Thursday, October 06, 2005

Sample Admission Essay - Graduate Program in Public Health

Health is one of the most important aspects that makes human beings complete. Likewise, promoting a healthy society is not just a need but also a responsibility. In recent years, there has been a tremendous effort coming from the state, the academe, and several concerned groups to put health care on top of every household’s priority list. I myself have dedicated a part of my life in health service. In fact, I have been continuously participating in medical missions and other health-related projects. Although it was not easy at first, incorporating the importance of health to every individual became a worthwhile activity.

My desire to start a career in public health started when I graduated high school. In one of our immersions, I have experienced the health problems suffered by a lot of people. The sad thing is that they are not getting enough attention. My tenure in college gave me enough experience to validate whatever urges I have right now. I took up Health and Fitness Management at Capital University. I was able to absorb things concerning health and was fascinated with how the human body works. My life in college is considered as a good one in my standards. I was consistently among the top students and I have been active in joining organizations. Most of the clubs I've joined are the ones that help unfortunate people. The club became an avenue for me to be able to share whatever I have. Health as a vital human aspect, deserves to be enjoyed not only by those who are financially rich. Health service is a universal need, thus it should be provided for a less cost or if possible, for free.

After college, I was able to secure a job in one of the best firms that caters the health needs of people. The work was more of a routine though challenges are provided every now and then. The thing that I like about our company is their dedication to help people who can’t afford a decent health care provision. The interesting part is that the project was assigned to me. It was really an honor to administer something of good cause. Personally, I was inspired by how things turned out. My appreciation has indeed developed into admiration and trust.

One of my supervisors suggested that I should study again to prepare me for the task. At first I was tentative, but the feeling that it will be a great opportunity caste all the doubts in my mind. I was told that there is a great program in Public Health at Cleveland State University. In fact, the course offered is comprehensive enough and I think that learning there will be an exciting experience. Cleveland State University also offers a great learning environment. I am looking forwards to become a part of one of the most prestigious universities in the state of Ohio.

Not once have I ever imagine that I will work in the field of Public Health. The challenges that are ahead of me are so tempting that I am willing to sacrifice my aspirations just to complete the path I am taking right now. I know everything is in place with the strong foundation and dedication that I have to succeed.

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