Friday, November 18, 2005

Sample Admission Essay - Medicine

Life is the most wonderful blessing we have. Through the gift of life we are able to stay around and spend our time with our family and friends. Moreover our very existence serves as our opportunity in order to live life in its fullest. For, the best way to value our life is to live it with a mission. Living is about discovering, realizing, and sharing our potentials to other people. It is about finding meaning and purpose in everything that we do.

Life is the most wonderful thing that can happen to a person. It is sad to say, however, that there are some people who are deprived early of this chance. No matter how much they take care of their health, there are times when they cannnot avoid diseases that endanger their life. If an illness develops out of one's own negligence, perhaps it is easier to accept responsibility. Yet if an ailment arises inspite of one's precautions, the situation is more difficult to comprehend. Worse is when the gravest kinds of diseases attacked the helpless kids. It is often heartbreaking to see how innocent children are robbed of their privilege of experiencing a good life and a bright future. In the end, regardless of personal circumstances and age, each patient realizes the value of his life. For them, every option must be exhausted especially if there is a greater chance for cure and survival.

Three years ago, our mom was diagnosed of multiple-myeloma. It was a rare form of cancer that affected the plasma cells and occured mostly among men. It was hard to see her experience all the pains and sypmtons of the disease, yet we could not do anything else except to stand beside her and give her comfort. The most difficult part was accepting that her disease was terminal and that she only had a short time to live. Our mother, however, understood well and accepted her condition. What was remarkable about her was that while the rest of our family were deeply affected, she maintained her cheerfulness. She struggled to live each day as if she were still normal. For our part, we did what we can to show our care and to give her the best treatment options possible. It was just not fair to give up someone like her especially when she herself believed in hope and miracle until the very end.

A few months already passed since our mom died, but until now so many memories are still as clear as yesterday's. Clearly, grief is a normal part of life that each one of us undergoes at a certain point. However, it is not for her suffering that I remember her most. Instead, I remember her as the woman who courageously embraced her ailing condition and did not give up for her life. It is true she died at a young age, yet her departure was easily accepted because we knew that her life was not a wasted.

As I enter college, I have decided to pursue a degree and profession in medicine. Perhaps, part of my decision was influenced by my experience. Yet I know that it is not also fair and just to found an aspiration only out of the past. An ambition may be inspired and driven by experiences, yet it should always look forward to the future where much can still be done. Thus, I desire to be a doctor above all else because I want to help other people not only by treating their diseases but also by enabling them to live a good and happy life amidst their illness. I then humbly ask for your admission in order for me to study medicine at your university. I do hope that both my academic aptitude and passion pass the standards of your school.

There are a lot of people and communities out there who are so much in need of doctors. Some of them may not have enough money to buy themselves medicine. Still, they possess the same right like ours towards health and life. Someday, I hope to fulfill my life's purpose by sharing my profession to those who are in need.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Sample Admission Essay - Philosophy

Man is a rational being. It is intrinsic to his nature to reason about reality. He never ceases to reflect and understand about himself, the others who surround him, and the world in which he lives. Reasoning is natural and at the same time vital to man because it is the knowledge of truth which nurtures his growth as a human person. Man is bound for knowledge and self-perfection and it is only in realizing himself through wisdom that he experiences happiness and fulfills the meaning of his existence.

What is life? What is the purpose of human existence? How can an authentic and meaningful life be achieved?

Such are the questions that constitute the central goal of philosophy. The reality is that the term often creates the impression among us that it only focuses on the metaphysical, logical, and abstract realities. But if we look deeper into the subject, we realize that philosophy is not a new and strange thing to us. For, it is actually imbedded in our nature and it is found in our day to day existence.

Etymologically, philosophy comes from two Greek words philo (love) and sofia (wisdom). Literally, it means then "love for wisdom." Philosophy as a science is vast. It studies the profound ideas and thoughts of the earliest thinkers up to the contemporary and present philosophers. Moreover, it focuses on particular and significat areas of study such as man, logic, labor, religion, ethics, nature of knowledge, science, metaphysics, and a lot more. But the reality is that philosophy is more than the exercise of reason and surpasses the realm of logic. It is a way of life. It does not only answer the question "what", but more than anything else, it makes us realize why we should reason about reality. Philosophy shows us the value of the intellectual faculty and the importance of knowledge obtained through the proper excercise of it. It teaches us how to cultivate and use our minds in order to discover and fully understand truth that will guide us in living a meaningful existence. It is, then, not exclusive to the greatest thinkers nor to the interested individuals, but rather it is for everyone since all of us aspire to become wise and better in life.

Everyday, we are preoccupied with numerous things including our works and responsibilities. We move here and there doing our own affairs and duties. Yet deep inside, all our movements are fueled by a certain yearning to find the purpose of our life. We are endowed with a lot of things. But perhaps, the greatest blessing we are given is our life. Yet in order to see life as a gift, we must also do our part. For life is not about merely existing. Living means discovering, perfecting, and sharing our talents and potentials. Living is about growing and constantly broadening our perspective of reality. It is only when we have found and lived the truth about reality and the truth about ourselves that we can achieve an authentic existence.

Philosophy is more that the complex impression it projects. It is a very interesting and relevant field of study. Hence, I would like to ask for admission at your institution in order to specialize in this particular area of knowledge. I do hope that my academic credentials and my interest are enough to qualify me for the course. I look forward to studying at your university and hope to make a contribution someday.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Sample Admission Essay - Modern Languages (Portuguese)

Language is important to all of us. For, it serves as a channel that connects us to the world and to the people that surround us. It enables us to gain knowledge about many things and events. Moreover, it makes possible for us to communicate and relate with other people. Language then is the key to human understanding and good relationships. Without it, we are like islands, detached and unable to express ourselves and reach out to other people.

I developed my interest in languages at school. Not only was I inspired to master English, but I was also attracted by the languages of other nations. Perhaps, this is due to the fact that I have had the opportunity to study a few of them. For a few years, I dealt with Latin. Although it was a different and a demanding subject, it was worth taking it. For, it gave me a certain aptitude and comprehension of the language. Moreover, the knowledge I gained was valuable especially in increasing my vocabulary since many English words originated from Latin. Afterwards, I also had the opportunity to take up Greek and Hebrew separately for a year. Clearly, the alloted time was not enough for me to adjust and to achieve a significant understanding of both languages. Still, I made the best out of the chance I had and strove to learn what I could. Obviously, there were other more popular and widely used languages aside from the ones I took. Yet studying them still proved to be relevant to me since they gave me the chance to have a glimpse of the culture of the nations in which they belonged to. Moreover, they made me even more curious and increased interest in studying foreign languages.

A few years ago I had the chance to stay for a long while in Spain and to visit some other parts of Europe. Living is the country was a nice and an enriching experience. I came to visit many places and met many wonderful people. I was also able to experience another form of culture and environment. What was great however was that I had the chance to learn the native language. My knowledge of Spanish enabled me more to connect with the people and to undertand better their culture. Aside from these, I also realized that through Spanish, I could easily learn the languages of other countries. One of them was Portuguese. Hence, while I strove to improve in my Spanish skills, I also began to study Portuguese.

Since I did not have the time and opportunity to study Portuguese formally, I decided to do it on my own. I relied on grammar books and excercises. Learning the language by myself was a challenging and rewarding experience. Although both Spanish and Portuguese were very similar in many ways particularly in the vocabulary, I took the necessary precaution of not falling into the trap of complacency. For, the connection that exists between the two languages could also turn into hindrance for learners like me. No matter how similar they were, I realized that I still needed to pay more attention to the details of the Portuguese grammar and vocabulary. It was also a good thing that I knew people who spoke the language. Every now and then, I consulted their assistance and conversed with them in the language in order to train myself.

For college, then, I have decided to study the Portuguese language. I have chosen the course not only because I want to fulfill my passion or increase my knowledge for foreign languages, but also because I know that the skill I will acquire will serve as my bridge in order to explore and experience another form of environment, culture, and people. Portuguese speaking countries such as Portugal and Brazil have a lot of things to offer the world. Yet best way to relate and connect to them is to learn the language they speak.

Hence, I ask for admission at your university in order for me to study the Portuguese course. I do hope that my academic credentials and my exposures may qualify me to enter your institution. I desire to learn about languages because I want to continuously broaden my perspective and knowledge regarding other places, culture, and people.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Sample Admission Essay - Archeology

One of the growing and most significant areas of study today is archeology. The science's central goal is to rediscover, understand, and explain the various civilizations of the past. It is however a most challenging area of research since most of the time there are no written documents available to validate nor support the conclusions arrived at. Archeologists can only rely on their intellect and skills which are continuously educated and trained through the years. Moreover, they need to possess patience and perseverance. For, most of the time, it takes a long time to discover the remnants of a past community. What is most remarkable is that often, some of these areas are uncovered accidentally due to the persistent curiosity of an archeologist. Yet in all cases, the results and rewards are always worth more than the efforts exerted. For, each discovery is a priceless treasure and a source of knowledge that partially completes the large puzzle of the ancient civilizations.

I started to appreciate archeology when I took up the world history subject. I have always loved history subjects since they provide the most complete, factual, and valuable information about the people and societies that once dominated the world. Moreover, most of the facts are based and supported by archeological discoveries. I always delighted in learning the different philosophies, ways of life, political systems, and inventions during the old era. On one hand, it was quite interesting to see how different the primitive lifestyle was from today's way of living. On the other hand, it was also surprising to know that the minds of the ancient people were as equally profound and powerful as the present generation. The past societies may have nothing more to show the present except old objects, facilities, and infrastructures. Yet these things reflect human minds which once sought for wisdom, growth, and perfection in all aspects of life. By chronologically viewing these archeological sites, one can see how dramatic and passionate humanity has been in the quest for perfection.

I have acquired most of my knowledge and familiarity about the many archeogical sites only through my classes, private readings, or by watching significant discoveries featured on TV. Yet I was also lucky to have a glimpse of some important sites when I visited Rome a few years ago. There I had the chance to see some of the ruins of the once glorious Roman era. Some of the buildings such as the Colliseum, the Pantheon, or the underground churches in the catacombs were still in good shape. The rest such as the various Roman forums were already in ruins. Still all of them clearly manifested how resplendent was their time once. I know there are still other known primitive and ancient places of equal importance or yet to be uncovered. That is why I desire to pursue a course on archeology.

Ironically, archeology which deals with primitive and old civilizations is also a science which is relevant to the present generation. To me, it is more than just digging and uncovering artifacts and old foundations. It is more than making interpretations and arriving at conclusions. The present generation has to value the past civilization including the ruins and artifacts which they left because it can learn a lot from them. Obviously, the kind of world and environment wherein people live today is far above the ancient epoch. Often, people of today tend to focus more on what they have and experience at the present moment. Yet sometimes, they must also realize how important it is to look back. There are some people who easily get confused and stray in life and that is the reason why they need to rediscover again part of themselves which they have forgotten and lost. The ancient times tell where present societies came from in order to help them understand themselves better and to remind the direction where they must go.

With my desire and passion to learn and understand about humanity's past, I ask for your admission in order for me to undergo the proper education and training under the guidance of your institution. I hope to be able to share and contribute to the society someday what I will be learning from your university.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Sample Admission Essay - Art History (Painting)

Painting is one of the most ancient forms of art. Paintings adorn the deepest and darkest caves up to the grandest museums of the world. Moreover, they portray the most varied and imaginative forms of reality. Whether they are simple, sophisticated, or abstract, they are so excellently done that one cannot but help to be fascinated before them. Paintings reflect the evolving and deep aesthetic sense of artists. Yet more than that, they manifest great talent and the most profound thoughts and ideas about life. Looking at a painting is looking into the eyes of its maker. It is about probing the depths of his mind. It is about learning, understanding , and appreciating his character and philosopy and the background that influenced him in executing his masterpieces. Undoubtedly, paintings go far beyond the realm of beauty and artistry. They are intellectual works, too. As the pen is to the writers, and so is the brush to the painters. If words can powerfully form the mind, paintings have also their own way of speaking and transforming individuals.

A few years ago, I had the opportunity to live in Europe and to visit some of its most important cities. I have always loved and appreciated the European environment. Visiting or staying in some cities whether for a long or short while, was living in places sorrounded by splendid art and culture. Yet perhaps, among my most memorable experiences were the chances I had to visit a few important museums and historic sites. Being in Europe itself was already more that I could ask for, yet going to places gave me more surprises especially in my interest and curiosity for art works. In Spain, I visited Madrid's Prado where I saw the works of Velasquez, Goya, El Greco, Ribera, Murillo, among others. I also walked through El Escorial which was once the royal residence and where I saw other valuable paintings. In Paris, I entered the magnificent Louvre where I saw the largest collection ever of art works. I walked past masterpieces and masterpieces of artists like Da Vinci, Raphael, Rubens, Vermeer, Botticeli, Giotto, Rembrandt, and others. Then, finally in Rome, I stood in awe looking up at Michelangelo's famous works at the Sistine chapel.

Every experience was breath taking and every art work was marvel to behold. I was more than thankful that I set my eyes upon things which once I only saw in books or on TV. Above all else, I have learned to value and appreciate art more. This is the reason why for college, I have decided to study Art History particularly painting. For, I desire to know the early beginnings and the evolution of art until the present time. Talking about art, I believe, is more than just viewing and giving a critique. It goes beyond artistry, creativity and originality, and aesthetics. Art works do speak not only about themselves but also about their time. Paintings are not only windows into the soul of the artists, but they also shed light for better undertanding towards the epoch in which they were created. They reflect the philosophy, cultutre, and way of life during their time. More than anything else, they manifest and affirm the capacity and power of the human mind to continuously transform for the good thus producing better masterpieces in the future not only in the world of art but likewise in the other aspects of life.

For the above reasons, I ask for your admission in order to study Art History at your university. I hope that my passion, capability, and interest are enough to qualify me for the course. Although I feel fortunate to have already seen some of the worlds most valuable paintings, I believe that is just the beginning. I am aware that as much as I have seen and desired to view more, I also need to study and understand better about the works I saw and the rest yet to be seen.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Sample Admission Essay - Veterinary Medicine

Aside from humanity, the next interesting and complex creatures on earth are the animals. Not only human beings, but animals, too, are an important subject of scientific research for the puposes of understanding them better and at the same time relating the results of such study to humans for instance in medicine, psychology, and pharmaceutical research. Yet perhaps, animals are more popular by the fact that they can be the alternative companion and best friend to people.

Since childhood, I have always been fond of nature particularly animals. There was an ecological park not too far from our residence and I always asked my parents to take me there once in a while. I always saw the same things each visit except for the time the site expanded, but I never really got tired nor bored of returning. For, I simply loved and enjoyed the sight and experience of nature. At home, I also delighted myself with my family's own mini zoo. There were aquariums with various kinds of fishes. There were dogs and cats everywhere and in our porch was a parrot. My family also had a small farm and tended to chickens and cattle. As I grew up, I took care of a number of pets. I liked particularly dogs. I taught them tricks and took them with me for long walks. As a pet lover, among the experiences I could never forget were the times I took my dogs to the doctor because I always worried whenever one of my pets got sick. My moments at the clinics were then my first glimpses of the field of veterinary medicine. The doctors there were good in curing animal diseases. They made the pet owners like me glad and taught the proper, healthy, and safe way of handling animals.

My knowledge about animals broadened and deepened when I started to take general science classes up to specific fields like biology and zoology. Initially, my laboratory and research lectures made me uncomfortable. It was kind of weird dissecting some animals like frogs. But in the end, all these classes satisfied a part of my curiosity about animals. Moreover, they also increased my interest of pursuing the field of veterinary medicine. I have become aware of the importance and value of animal research. Moreover, I have realized that this particular field of science far exceeds its boundaries and extends to other important areas specifically psychological, medical, and pharmaceutical research. Indeed, the study of animals has not only lead to the extensive knowledge about them, but it has also paved the way for other perspectives of comprehending human beings. Moreover, it has resulted to a series of breakthroughs in terms of the discovery and development of new and significant medicines. Hence, never can animal research prove its best worth except in the sciences that are vital for understanding and saving human life.

Initally, I want to open my own clinic someday. Yet I may as well redirect my plans should better and more valuable options arise in the future. Animal researches particularly those conducted by pharmaceutical companies prove to be an interesting and a most relevant area nowadays. As medical science rapidly deepens and expands, there has never been a better opportunity than now to take up veterinary medicine.

For this reason, I wish to apply at your university to study veterinary medicine. I have not only the passion, but good credentials as well to qualify me. Moreover, I promise diligence and commitment to my studies. More than any thing else, I hope to give your university my personal contribution in this specific area of science.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Sample Admission Essay - Modern Language (French)

Language is intrinsic in the process of becoming a human being. It acts as the bridge connecting us to other people and to the world. Through language, we are able to share our ideas and feelings and at the same time we can understand and effectively relate with other people. It is through language that we study and acquire knowledge for personal growth and for service to our fellow men.

A couple of years ago, I had the opportunity to visit one of the most beautiful and important cities of the world - Paris. I had barely a month to tour and to live there, yet that was an enough opportunity for me to get acquainted with the city. I had been to a few European places, yet Paris was more than I could ever imagine. The place, culture, and most importantly the people were superb and wonderful. I enjoyed the modern, fast paced, and fashionable Paris. But above all else, I loved the city's cultural and historical heritage. It was a fulfilling and enriching moment to see most of the city's historic sites and art treasures. Aside from these, however, there was also another thing which interested me most, the language. One of my most unforgettable experiences in the Paris was having a short conversation with a French lady. I went out alone and needed to get something at a particular department store. I felt confident to ask a French woman where the location was since the store was widely popular and had many branches throughout Europe. Unfortunately, after several approaches of saying and pronouncing its name in every way I could, the woman never quite understood me. I tried my improvised French, then English, and finally Spanish. Still, I ended up locating the place myself. Funny, embarassing, and in fact insignificant as it was, the small incident, nevertheless, taught me one great lesson - the importance of language. Paris was a lovely and splendid place to be, but after a few weeks, I finally had to bid farewell to the city. But I said good bye with the interest and desire to return someday, but this time with fluency of the French language.

The language is no longer new to me. I am familiar with French through the literature subjects I took and through my former classmates and colleagues who spoke it. But my passion and interest towards the language was awakened when I went to Paris and when I visited other cities in France.

Apparently, French is a new and entirely different thing. Learning the language means starting from scratch. Moreover, the study demands patience, perseverance, hard work, and a certain aptitude for languages. Yet I posses not a single hesitation to undertake this particular language course. If I was able to learn Spanish before, I am confident that I can also do and achieve the same results with French. More than anything else, I get my inspiration from my goal to expand my knowledge about various languages. The task is demanding, but in the end it is a meaningful and fruitful pursuit.

Learning the French language is a key to open another door for knowledge and personal growth. Not only Paris, but France as a whole has so much to offer the world. Yet it is only in learning its native language the people can truly discover and exhaust its riches.

Hence, I wish to ask for your admission to study and specialize in French language at your institution. I believe your university has a vast learning opportunity and plenty of options to offer to the students like me who have the passion for the beautiful and rich language which is French.